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Eugene Gluten-Free Restaurant Guide

My favorite places in Eugene to grab a good meal or snack.


OHOP – Original House of Pancakes 782 E Broadway, #541-343-7523.  It is only open till 2 pm and go early or you will wait for a table. 

A trip to Eugene is not complete without a breakfast at OHOP.  The omelets are huge but you can order a half-order for a more reasonable portion.  However, most runners go there to fuel up after a long morning run so the regular is perfect.  I usually get the veggie and a side of salsa.  They do have GF pancakes but not GF prep/cook-top.  The fresh berries are always a treat but to sweeten the deal you can add whip cream.

LUNCH OR DINNER near the U of O:

These are a short walk from the U of O or Franklin Blvd

Café Yumm – There are 4 locations in Eugene.  730 E. Broadway is the closest to U of O.  The other locations are: 296 E 5th street, 130 Oakway Center, 1005 Green Acres Road #107. They say that the Original Bowl is the only one they can guarantee that is GF but I have had the Jazzy Bowl with no problems.  Café Yumm is a restaurant that starts with base of rice and beans and layers flavors on top. On a side note, Café Yumm is a LEED restaurant with solar panels and an EV charging station.

Market of Choice – 1960 Franklin Blvd is the closest to U of O and Hayward field.  The best place to stock up on gluten-free groceries for your stay in Eugene.

Mekala – 1769 Franklin Blvd, #541-342-4872.  The closest Thai restaurant to the U of O.  They don’t have a formal GF menu but they have a small list available to choose from. 

Wendy’s – On Franklin Blvd across from the Mathew Knight Arena.  Wendy’s is always the go-to place on the road when nothing else is open or available.  You can have the chili, baked potato, some salads and frosty.

LUNCH OR DINNER away from the U of O:

Olive Garden – 1077 Valley River Drive, #541-349-8929.  It is a across town from the U of O but if you are staying at the Valley River Inn you are really close to it.
Most athletes coming to Eugene will be with a group and more than likely end up at OG at some point during the trip.  The good news is that OG has 5 items on their Gluten-free menu.  I have tried the pasta and it is a decent meal.  I added the shrimp but was disappointed in the 5 little shrimp added to my meal.  The salad is the same without the croutons. 

McGrath’s Fish House – 1036 Valley River Way, #541-342-6404.  This is also by the Valley River Inn and shares the parking lot.  They have a lot of gluten-free choices and fresh fish.  Don’t leave the NW until you have tried local fresh salmon.

PF Changs – 124 Coburg Road, #541-225-2015.  This is located near Pre’s Trails and Alton Baker Park. PF Chang’s was one of the first restaurants to have a gluten-free menu.  They do a great job with making sure the meal is safe for Celiacs.  PF Chang’s GF menu has expanded to include soup, chicken, veggie, fish and meat options.  They also have a few dessert options for that post race or post workout treat.  PF Chang’s is my go to pre-race meal. It is located by Trader Joes and the Nike store.  

Go Healthy Café – 3802 W. 11th Ave, #541-683-3164.  This café is a bit of a drive from the U of O but worth the trip if you are in the need of a healthy gluten-free meal.  The gluten-free choices include: sandwiches, salads, undressed burritos in bowls and a GF teriyaki chicken bowl.  The sandwiches are toasted and include chicken, turkey, and grilled cheese.  The salads are Greek, California surfer, Caesar and all the salad dressings are gluten-free.  This was one of my favorite finds in Eugene.  

Holy Cow – 2621 Willamette Street, #541-852-4659.  It is located on Willamette Street near Market of Choice.  This place has a fun collection of organic gluten-free food and vegan food.  The gluten-free choices include: red lentil dhal, vegetable curry, sa’ag paneer, chicken curry, arroz con pollo, phad Thai and Thai tofu.  It is really good.

Glenwood Restaurant – 2588 Willamette Street, #541-687-8201.  It is located across the street from Holy Cow.  This is a great diner with gluten-free options including GF rolls and bread for sandwiches. 

Tasty Thai – 80 E 29th Ave, #541-302-6444.  It is on the corner of Willamette and 29th near the adidas trail.  This was my favorite GF Thai restaurant.  They have a huge GF menu.  I loved the spicy curries and the variety of choices.

Outback – 3463 Hutton Street, Springfield.  #541-746-7700.  It is a bit of a drive to get here but if you want a GF steak or ribs head that direction. 

SATURDAY MARKET:  Open every Saturday 10 AM – 5 pm from April to Mid-November at the intersection of 8th and Oak.  There are a couple City Parking garages near the Saturday market.  The least crowded one is between 10th and Broadway on Oak St.  You get 1 hour free parking every day but Saturday and Sunday is free all day.

Sara's Tamales – This is a great tamale and fruit salad stand.  The fruit salad is $4 with real whip cream.  A tamale plate is $4.50 with your choice of pork with green salsa, chicken or veggie/tofu.  The gourmet tamale plate is $6.50 and includes black beans, corn salad and salsa.

Candy Farm – This is a place to sample a vegetable cooked in a special seasoning.  They usually sell fresh bok choy and the seasoning packets for you to take home to make a yummy 3 minute recipe.  The seasoning packs