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Airports are terrible places to find gluten-free food, when I travel my carry-on is full of food.

My Favorite Travel Food:

Udi’s – Bread, bagels, granola, muffins

Generation UCAN

Justin’s Nut butter – almond butter, chocolate almond butter packets that can be taken in carry-on in your “liquids” bag

Glutenfreeda Instant Oatmeal

Apples, oranges or other fruits

Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts

Mary’s Gone Crackers

505 Green Chili packets

Quaker Rice Cakes

Vegetables with hummus - at Costco I found Tribe Hummus in 2 ounce sizes, perfect to fit in your carry-on “liquids” bag

Thai Kitchen noodle packets – I take these on long trips (foreign travel) with a hot pot



To try to guarantee that you get a GF meal on the road you have to be your own advocate. I usually talk with a manager and the waiter. I emphasis that I have a wheat and gluten allergy. This usually puts an alert on your order. If the restaurant does not have a gluten free menu then I ask questions about the prep. For example:

Do you have a separate grill or griddle for proteins and bread? 

Do you warm the bread/buns on the grill? 

Do you cook the eggs on the same grill as the pancakes?

Does the meat come pre-seasoned? A lot of chicken is pre-seasoned with soy sauce.

Is the rice seasoned? There are quite a few places that put wheat in the rice.

Can mine be made in a separate pan?

Do you have a separate fryer or is everything shared?

Don’t be afraid to send your food back if it is not right. I have had to send back a meal three times. I hate to waste food but I also hate to be sick and ruin a night or race. If you are shy and don’t feel like going over everything with the manager or wait staff then I would recommend buying the Triumph Dining Gluten-free Dining Cards. They have all the information a restaurant needs to make a gluten-free meal for you. The manager and kitchen staff just need to follow the directions on the card.